DOROT is a nonprofit organization addressing the challenges of an aging population.

We serve our clients with a diverse range of programs and services.

We deliver those programs and services through intergenerational connections with volunteers of all ages.

Our Impact

Research has proven that social isolation has devastating effects, but that the power of social connection can be transformative. DOROT serves more than 4,000 older adults each year. Our volunteer programs engage more than 6,000 individuals, family and groups to make meaningful connections with our clients.


In 1976, DOROT’s founders set out to meet the needs of their senior neighbors who were hungry for both food and social connection. As recent graduates of Columbia University’s social work program, they were pioneers in their approach to serving older adults. More than forty years later, DOROT’s innovation and expertise have made us a leader in the fields of aging services and volunteerism.


DOROT’s success lies in the strength of our professional staff and lay leaders. The dedicated team works collaboratively to ensure that we meet the changing needs of older adults, we provide rewarding involvement for volunteers and that we operate with excellence and integrity.

A group of young people together with Dorot badges on looking towards the camera

Community Partnerships

DOROT partners with other organizations to make an even greater impact. We extend our expertise and programs to more people through our mutually beneficial collaborations with local community-based organizations, synagogues, schools, and the larger caring community.

Annual Report and Financials

As a nonprofit leader in the field of aging and volunteerism, DOROT exceeds industry standards as recognized by Charity Navigator, the Better Business Bureau and Guide Star.


DOROT’s professional staff is committed to our culture of collaboration and excellence. As a member of our team you can help us improve the lives of senior citizens in the community and enrich the lives of the volunteers who give back. We are looking for talented, passionate and smart people to join us!

Contact Us

Call or email us, access DOROT’s National Information and Referral database or reach out to social workers and trained volunteers at DOROT who strive to provide helpful responses to questions posed by seniors and caregivers.

Become a DOROT Volunteer

Are you looking to make a difference in the lives of your elderly neighbors? Volunteer with DOROT! Please e-mail us at volunteers@dorotusa.org to learn more, or click on the link below to sign up for a volunteer orientation and information session for volunteers ages 18+.