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Our Impact


Recognizing the severe consequences of social isolation and loneliness on physical and mental well-being, DOROT has been a leader and innovator in addressing these problems since our founding 48 years ago. Today, the U.S. Surgeon General describes our mission as vital to alleviating what is now a crisis in the United States.


Here are highlights from Fiscal Year 2023 demonstrating the ways we prevented and diminished social isolation among older adults and brought the generations together:


Expanding Our Reach


  • 5,835 older adults were served by DOROT, a 65% increase from pre-pandemic levels.

  • 7,000 volunteers—more than 2,000 of whom were new to DOROT this year—dedicated 47,459 hours to life-enhancing connections with older adults and supporting our vital social community.

  • Older adults in 37 states and 3 additional countries participated in DOROT programs, thanks to a growing menu of online offerings.



Creating Meaningful One-on-One Social Connections


  • 273 Friendly Visiting matches brought older adults and volunteers together for ongoing weekly or monthly home visits; nearly all participants reported developing meaningful friendships.

  • 400 volunteers were paired with older adults in regular phone calls for friendly and enriching conversations.

  • 919 older adults received holiday or seasonal package deliveries from volunteers along with in-home visits or friendly phone calls.



Utilizing Technology to Foster Social Connections, Lifelong Learning, and Successful Aging


  • 3,600 older adults enjoyed more than 1,000 online offerings from the comfort of home, including arts and literature, wellness, discussion groups, intergenerational conversations and support for aging well.

  • 11,000 hours of lifelong learning and conversation were enjoyed via telephone by 364 older adults who don’t use computers.

  • 2,500 tech coaching sessions were provided by 150 trained volunteers who helped 413 older adults to cross the digital divide, which is a recognized solution for reducing and preventing social isolation.



Providing Vital Social Services and In-Home Supports


  • 34,594 kosher meals were delivered to 200 older adults who are unable to shop or prepare food for themselves, supporting their food security and independence.

  • 1,500+ older adults received vital supportive services and case assistance from our skilled team of social workers.



Bringing Generations Together


  • 700 middle and high school students and 405 older adults built vital social connections through our local intergenerational programs, fostering compassion for one another through relationships and communal responsibility.

  • 331 teens and 180 older adults joined our virtual community, GENuine Connections, to share their life experiences, benefit from one another’s wisdom and grow to see each other as assets to be valued.

  • 243 older adults enjoyed in-home visits from families and youth volunteers, celebrating birthdays, holidays and the beauty of intergenerational conversation.


Read our Impact Report on DOROT's Intergenerational Programs HERE.