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Aging Alone, Together™

“I felt ENERGIZED after attending this program. I purposely avoided panels on growing old because the subject can feel overwhelming. However, I now feel HOPEFUL and am reminded of the steps I can take to build a network of support.” - AAT Participant

Aging Alone, Together is a six-week workshop (virtual or in person) offered by DOROT that provides solo agers with the tools, strategies, and support to age successfully and plan for the future. Each session offers a topic-specific presentation with video, coaching, and guidance on critical decision-making, along with conversation, personalized check-ins, and assignments. During the sessions, participants share experiences, support one another, and build community. Following the workshop, we offer monthly alumni meetups and educational programs on related topics, including medical, legal, housing and end-of-life.

Our Three Mantras

  • It is never too early; it is never too late.
  • You are not alone.
  • Take charge of your aging or it will take charge of you.

Aging Alone, Together was featured on Plaza Jewish Community Chapel’s Exit Strategy Podcast: Aging Solo, Challenges and Opportunities with special guests, Claire Solomon Nisen and Wendl Kornfeld. CLICK  HERE TO LISTEN. 

Who is this for?

Aging Alone, Together will benefit adults ages 60 to 100+ who identify as solo agers. We define a solo ager broadly, though we like this description: Individuals who, by choice or circumstance, function without the support system traditionally provided by family. As we note in our Aging Alone, Together workbook, “There is no set of characteristics or demographic factors to define those who are aging solo. The term masks variations in personal situations, income, culture, physical and mental abilities, personal attitudes, and choices. Aging solo is not about the absence of friends or family, but about the availability and quality of support when needs arise related to health crises and end-of-life decisions.”

What does it cost?

Aging Alone, Together is Free.

How many people attend each session?

Workshops vary in size. Typically, there are 20-25 participants attending in-person sessions, and fifty people in our virtual zoom sessions.

How do I register?

Visit DOROT’s online calendar and select “Aging Alone, Together” under Program Type (located in the right-hand column) to find and register for an upcoming session. You can also email:

What happens at the Aging Alone, Together sessions?

Aging Alone, Together is a six-session workshop series offered over consecutive weeks. We utilize a curriculum first developed by Iona Senior Services in Washington DC. Each session is 90 minutes and includes an introduction, video, small “breakthrough” room discussions, and a wrap-up that reconvenes the full group. Sessions are led by DOROT social workers, staff, and trained facilitators.

Participants receive a workbook with planner, weekly reading material, worksheets, and reflection questions, along with a comprehensive resource guide. The workshop topics are:

  • Introduction to Aging Alone, Together
  • Social and Support Networks
  • Healthcare Decision Making and End-of-Life Choices
  • Aging in Place
  • Making A Move
  • Next Steps

Have more questions? Email: