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Package Delivery

About Package Delivery:

DOROT’s holiday and seasonal package delivery programs bring hundreds of older adults and volunteers together to share warmth and companionship. 

Programs are typically offered in September, November, late January/early February, late March/early April and June. 

Ages: Teens, college students and adults. A limited number of spots are available for family volunteers at each event.

Time Commitment: Each package delivery is a one-time commitment of 90 minutes.

Requirements: For volunteers ages 18+, valid US government-issued photo ID.

Here is what volunteers have said about their package delivery experiences:

“At 98 years young, Sophie is full of life and heart. She was thrilled for our visit, and we completely lost track of time as she regaled us with stories from her childhood, growing up in the Bronx in the 1920s. Loved spending time with her.” – Alexandra W.

“Delivering the Passover packages was what I call a ‘WOW’. I cannot remember a better organized volunteer experience. From the greeting on the sidewalk outside of DOROT, to the orientation, registration, assigning of visitation, passing out of packages. That you managed to deliver over 550 meals in a short time was masterful.” – Gabe G.

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Upcoming Package Deliveries: 

  • Thanksgiving Meal Delivery 2023: Sunday, November 19
  • Winter Package Delivery 2024: Sunday, January 28
  • Passover Package Delivery 2024: Sunday, April 7