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Opportunities for Volunteers 65+

Are you interested in a new kind of volunteer experience? Join DOROT's intergenerational programs where adults 65+ and teens come together to participate in activities leading to the discovery of new and shared perspectives. Meet thoughtful teens and other older adult volunteers. Enjoy fun and laughter while forming new and unexpected bonds.

Here's what past 65+ Volunteers have shared:

“I found a place where it doesn’t matter how old I am. We can talk about anything. I’ve found friends of all ages!” Jack B.

“The teens in this program are clever, caring and wise and help the seniors think differently about our lives.” Harriet R. 

Do you want to volunteer onsite at DOROT’s headquarters? Intergenerational workshops are offered afternoons on Mondays – Thursdays at DOROT (171 W 85th Street). Participants commit to the full series, once a week starting the week of October 24 and ending the week of December 15.

Each workshop welcomes about ten teens and ten 65+ volunteers.

Register & find information about the Winter Schedule HERE.

OR join us for an in-person info-session at DOROT! Just drop in, Tuesday 11/22/2022, 1 PM or Tuesday 11/29/2022, 1 PM at 171 W 85th St.

Winter 2022 In-Person Program Options include:

  • Intergenerational Chess: Mondays, 4:30 – 6:00 PM From beginners to experts, Strengthen skills and create friendships across the chessboard.
  • Music Workshop: Wednesdays, 4:30– 6:00 PM An intergenerational community that will explore music together through listening and playing. We will share the songs that shaped our lives and tell stories related to music. We will also use our voices, drums and other instruments to play and improvise together. This is an opportunity for all levels to participate, no prior musical experience or skill required.
  • Discussion Group: Thursdays, 5:00– 6:00 PM Come together each week for a series of meaningful intergenerational conversations. This group provides a structure for all participants to exchange ideas, opinions, and personal stories to learn from one another and create connections.
  • Home Visits: Monday- Thursday, time is flexible During the visits, Teen Interns and older adults share conversation, opinions, hobbies, walks in the neighborhood and other experiences. Each older adult is matched with a pair of interns for a weekly visit to create a lasting connection. You choose the day and time of the week for the visit.

Program information:

Age: 65+

Time Commitment: A 60-90 minute group session once  per week for 8 weeks.

Requirements: Valid US government-issued photo ID and volunteer orientation.

Next Steps: Are you a new volunteer? Please sign up for an upcoming Volunteer Orientation and Information Session. If you are currently a DOROT volunteer and have already attended an orientation, please register for a workshop HERE.

For more information, please email

Do you want to volunteer online? Join weekly virtual intergenerational workshops led by an experienced facilitator through the GENuine Connections program. Learn more about how to participate HERE.

Know a teen interested in participating in Intergenerational Programs? Find out more information HERE.