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Defying Ageist Stereotypes on Ageism Awareness Day!

Ageism can affect all of us, whether you're thirteen, fifty, or eighty-five years old. But every day, our intergenerational programs help break down the stereotypes and effects of ageism by connecting volunteers and older adults in a meaningful way.

Leading up to Ageism Awareness Day on October 7, we asked members of the DOROT community to share insights on how they defy ageism and build connections between generations. We shared their reflections on social media and you can read them below:

"I do not let my age define who I am. I continue to do many of the same things I have been doing most of my life, driving, going to the gym, meeting friends, attending lectures/movies, travel, and modify where necessary. I maintain my curiosity and love to learn new things!" - Judy

"I’m here! I’m not invisible! I’m valuable! Don’t ever put me on a shelf!" - Rita

"Although age separates us, I face the same challenges and enjoy the same pastimes as many of the older adults I connected with. I will always remember the valuable place that older adults hold in our society!" - DOROT Summer Teen Intern

"By constantly reaching for more goals. By surrounding yourself with younger idealistic people. By forcing yourself to keep moving walking or exercising. By gratitude for a life we’ll live." - Annette

"I am 82 years old but I feel inside more like 55. I have a great love of life and hope to live at least another ten years so that I can add more meaningful experiences to my days." - Lenore

"As a DOROT intern, I’ve gained a new and fresh perspective on aging. The media has told us that aging should not be celebrated but rather something to dread...I have learned that aging can not only be positive, but it can be full of fun and new experiences!" - DOROT Summer College Intern

"I'm 73 years old but walk faster and longer than most people half my age!" - Mitchell

"I’m a writer for the Center for Hearing and Communication. I paint, participate in and contribute to online DOROT programs, and enjoy Metropolitan Museum of Art online volunteer programs." - Ruth

"I defy ageist stereotypes by wearing black ultra sheer pantyhose with dots and black suede pumps!" - Kathleen

"Really, older adults are only viewed as different because we live in an ageist world that deems them as such. It’s important to check our internalized biases whenever we can and help change for the better!" - DOROT Summer College Intern