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DOROT on the "Caregiving Gen X Style" Podcast

DOROT's Director of Onsite and Special Programs, Amy Stein Milford, was recently featured as a guest on the Caregiving GenX Style podcast. As experts in the field, DOROT was invited to participate and share insights into our programs, like Aging Alone, Together, that specifically delve into these kinds of medical, legal, and end-of-life issues.

The podcast focuses on the needs and experiences of the "sandwich generation" -- people caring for young children and older adult parents and navigating the needs of both. In this episode, podcast hosts, Jennifer and Steve (a married couple who are each caring for their mothers) brought Amy on to speak about end-of-life experiences: how to talk with your parent or older adult about what they would want if something goes wrong medically.

"For me, it was a lovely coming together of professional and personal experiences as I think about these issues daily in our program planning and execution, and personally, I have had the experience of caring for older people I love, including my father, who had Alzheimer's." - Amy Stein Milford

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