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DOROT on CBS News: Stitching Away Stress for Teens

At DOROT, it's no secret that volunteering has mutual benefits for all involved - including teens and older adults alike!

CBS News featured the story of teen volunteer, Penelope Segerdahl, who matched with senior, Laura Lehrman, for weekly visits, knitting lessons, and so much more through DOROT's Teen Internship Program.

Penelope quickly found that her time with Laura had just as much of an impact on her sense of health and well-being as it did on her older adult partner, sharing “It's been amazing, honestly, it's the highlight of my week!”

At a time when teen mental health is a public concern, including a recent Advisory from Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a national survey of American children and teens found those who did volunteer work, like DOROT's Intergenerational Programs, were in better physical health, were more likely to flourish, and less likely to experience anxiety, depression, or behavioral problems.

“We often hear teens say that this has changed my life. They report on feeling useful, feeling valued, feeling like they're a bigger part of the community…all these benchmarks of well-being,” said Shai Rosenfeld, DOROT’s Director for Intergenerational Program Engagement.

Watch the full story below:

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