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A DOROT Friendship on the Tamron Hall Show: What’s 59 Years Between Friends?

Did you catch us on TV? An intergenerational friendship formed at DOROT was featured last week on ABC’s Tamron Hall Show!

Emmett Daniels, 18, and Antoinette-Marie Williams, 77, first met when they were paired as part of DOROT’s Intergenerational Chess program, which brought together high school students and older adults for weekly games. Though the pandemic pushed their matches online, the pair forged a bond that went beyond the chess board.

Watch the full video below!

Now Emmett’s in his first year of college, and he and Antoinette still keep in touch. “Every time we catch up, she’s always doing something amazing: skydiving, playing backgammon, traveling—it's incredible,” said Emmett. “She really inspires me and teaches me to stay active and take advantage of life.”

Antoinette beamed at Emmett as he spoke. At the mention of skydiving, a video screen showed her gliding through the air, harnessed to an instructor. “That was my 76th birthday,” she explained.

Want to make an intergenerational friendship? Learn about DOROT’s GENuine Connections, where teens and adults 65+ meet online to talk and participate in activities like creative writing, art, current events, and yes, chess.