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DOROT's Aging Alone, Together featured on the Exit Strategy Podcast

Did you know that an estimated one-third of adults age 60+ live alone? And as solo agers they may lack a greater family support structure as they face inevitable challenges — from quality of life to end-of-life decision making. 

On this month's Exit Strategy podcast, Stephanie Garry, Executive Vice President at Plaza Jewish Community Chapel focuses on the challenge for solo agers and highlights DOROT’s innovative Aging Alone, Together program with special guests Claire Solomon Nisen, DOROT's Manager of Lasting Impressions and solo aging expert, Wendl Kornfeld.

Aging Alone, Together, a six-week group program for solo agers on Zoom, provides the information, tools, and help to take control of and plan for future needs. The program format facilitates interaction, mutual support, and social connections among participants.

Listen to the podcast and learn more about this growing program and the empowering nature of end-of-life planning.