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Former Board President Donna Jakubovitz Honored at Annual Benefit

DOROT’s Annual Benefit on June 15 was both a moving tribute to honoree and former Board President Donna Jakubovitz and a celebration of the return of in-person social connection.

“It was so wonderful to be together again,” said Benefit Committee Chair and Board Member Marian Faytell. “This event was two years overdue, and well worth the wait.”

Donna was lauded by more than 200 Board Members, family, friends and DOROT supporters for her long-standing commitment to DOROT and its mission to alleviate social isolation among older adults.

In a moving tribute to DOROT’s volunteers, Donna quoted the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks who said “To know you made a difference, that in this all-too-brief span of years you lifted someone’s spirits, relieved someone’s poverty or loneliness, or brought a moment of grace or justice to the world that would not have happened had it not been for you: these are as close as we get to the meaningfulness of a life.”

Here is a look at the celebration through photos taken at the Harvard Club: