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Friendly Visiting, New York-Style

More than four years ago, DOROT volunteer Richard Goldberg began visiting 75-year-old Gregory Sparling in his Upper West Side apartment. His Friendly Visits with Greg – pre-COVID in home, during COVID on the phone and now in the lobby of his building or in Riverside Park – have been a weekly highlight for both men ever since.

A retired social worker, amateur photographer, meditation teacher, hospice volunteer and long-time DOROT volunteer, Richard says his visits with Greg are joyful, one of many blessings he has received since moving to New York in 1965.

"We walk, we talk, we laugh a lot – often at each other’s expense. We tell stories and enjoy each other’s company. We both find New York fascinating – although it has been a while since Greg’s been able to get out and about. I share photos of my city adventures with him. Greg used to paint, so I always get good feedback on the ‘artistic’ quality of my snaps,” he shared.

“I’m truly grateful to DOROT. Being retired, DOROT gives me wonderful opportunities to be helpful to others.”

Become a volunteer or refer someone who may enjoy a Friendly Visitor:

Call: Manhattan (212) 769-2850, Westchester (914) 485-8354