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Gaining a New Perspective on Aging: Reflections from a DOROT Summer Intern

Meet our College Summer Intern, Lily McBride. Lily spends her days working with our Volunteer Services and Impact and Evaluation Team. Continue reading to hear her take on what it’s like interning with DOROT:

"My name is Lily McBride, and I am a summer college intern at DOROT working in their Volunteer Services and Impact & Evaluation Departments. Throughout this internship thus far, I have made many birthday calls, survey calls, data entries, and I am working on a legacy project.

Each assignment that I have been tasked with has opened my eyes and taught me something new not only about the working of a non-profit but also about the people that DOROT serves. I have found that making birthday calls has made a special impact on me personally. The bright personalities of many older adults that I have had the pleasure of speaking to have always found new ways to make my day. I have gotten the opportunity to hear about incredibly diverse stories from any subject ranging from birthday traditions to experiences during someone's teenage years living in an America that no longer looks the same.

Since working with DOROT in their Summer College Intern Program, I have gained a new and fresh perspective on aging. Often times, the media has told us that aging should not be celebrated but rather something to dread. Since meeting many older adults through DOROT, I have learned that aging can not only be positive, but it can be full of fun and new experiences. Through my legacy project, my older adult mentioned that he was “in his 9th round of his life.” His views on life in the comparison of boxing matches gave me a new perspective on aging that I will always be grateful for. I feel like we could all learn something from him and take with us the perspective of living within the “rounds” of our lives."

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