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Honoring DOROT's Volunteers through the Words of Older Adults

Each year during Volunteer Appreciation Month, we shine a light on the power of volunteers to tackle society’s greatest challenges, build stronger communities, and be a force that transforms the world.

This year, we heard from older adults in the DOROT community who wanted to share their gratitude to the volunteers who lend their time to building a connection.

Rhoda Feuer has participated in the Response Team, Tech Coaching, and Intergenerational Programs since 2016! We've asked her why she enjoys spending time with volunteers and she shared: "DOROT volunteers are extremely affable. I really enjoy their company and feel a great kinship with them. I have a volunteer visiting me this week who I met through DOROT when she was a high school intern in 2018! She is now a Ph.D. student in California and is visiting family in NYC this week, so she reached out for a visit… It’s fun, life-affirming and enjoyable!”

Pat Herman has been participating in our Caring Calls, University Without Walls, and Package Delivery programs, since 2020! We've asked Pat to share why she enjoys spending time with DOROT volunteers and she shared: "In my experience, DOROT's Caring Calls volunteers are being very generous with their time and it is very meaningful to people of my age who are not well and living alone. They all have such a very caring, down-to-Earth attitude. They present themselves in a very natural way. My experience has better than good. It has been a gift from God!"

Phyllis Ferraro has been a member of the DOROT community since 2019. Throughout that time, she's participated in Caring Calls, Package Delivery, Dance Classes, Art & Music lectures, concerts, and more. We've asked Phyllis to share some thoughts on why she enjoys spending time with DOROT volunteers: "I find them to be a part of my support group. Plus, they provide me with a different point of Caring Calls volunteer and I have been connected for a while, and he has become like a part of my extended family."

Bunny Reyman has been participating in our Friendly Visiting and Telephone Friends programs in Westchester since 2019! Bunny shared that she’s grateful to volunteers for taking the time to build sustainable connections. Her favorite part of connecting with volunteers is finding commonality and shared experiences. She enjoys getting to know new people, which is “rare at an older age,” and learning about their life and experiences!

At 82 years old, Lorraine appreciates the time and care she receives connecting with her volunteer, Lou. Her experiences participating in DOROT Westchester's Friendly Visiting and Package Delivery programs have warmed her heart! We've asked Lorraine how spending time with Lou makes her feel: "Lou is like an adopted son to me. He was originally matched with my husband, and once he passed away, Lou continued visiting. We like to sit and chat over a cup of coffee weekly. It's wonderful to know people out there (like Lou) care so much to dedicate their time. DOROT is wonderful; I just can't say enough kind words about them!"