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Response Team Westchester – Birthday & Activities

DOROT’s Response Team Volunteers connect with older adults through a variety of ways. DOROT social workers regularly field unique requests that cannot be filled through other DOROT programs.

Choose from: 

Birthday Celebrations: Deliver a birthday package, provided by DOROT, and visit an older adult in their home or drop off the package and follow up with a phone call.


Activity Requests: We receive a broad range of requests from older adults who would like to connect with a volunteer. Share enjoyable pastimes like going for walk, playing a game or practicing a language or help with tasks and personal projects such as organizing photos or selecting books at the library.

Ages: 18+

Time Commitment: Minimum of 8 engagements within 12 months Requirements: Orientation, application, interview, references, and background check.

Next Steps: For more information, call 914-485-8354 or email

Response Team Activities at DOROT Westchester are generously supported in part by Field Hall Foundation and Old Oaks Country Club Foundation.