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Social Work Month 2024: Meet Giulia!

Come along as we continue to celebrate National Social Work Month!

Meet Giulia! Giulia Capicotto, LMSW, CDP, works in the DOROT Westchester office as one of three social workers. She oversees Friendly Visiting and Telephone Friend matches and makes home visits with new and existing older adult participants.

Get to know Giulia below:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Giulia: I was born and raised in White Plains, NY (also home to the DOROT Westchester office). I love to read, bike, and spend time with my family. Cooking is a big passion of mine and I run a recipe blog online. I started with DOROT in 2021 as an MSW intern with the Kosher Meals at Home program in Manhattan. After my internship, there was an open position in the Westchester office, and I applied!

Can you share a bit about your role and program area?

Giulia: I work in the Westchester office as one of three social workers. My role is to oversee Friendly Visiting and Telephone Friend matches, go into the field for home visits with new and existing clients, support a caseload of older adults, and occasionally run programs and support groups.

How is social work integrated into your program? 

Giulia: Social work is at the forefront of everything I do at DOROT. Every visit and phone call is centered around both social work and DOROT values, which intersect very nicely. One of the core values of social work is the importance of human relationships, which is exactly what DOROT's mission reflects.

How does your background in social work inform how you approach your work?

Giulia: The core values of social work are always in my mind when approaching my work. Having a framework of respect, compassion, and commitment to clients helps me to assist our older adults in any way I can, which is always the goal.

What do you find most fulfilling about your work?

Giulia: Helping others is the most fulfilling thing about social work at DOROT. Not everyone has someone advocating for them in their later years, so knowing that I can be there to support those people makes this job extremely fulfilling.

Thank you to Giulia and the other members of the Westchester Social Work Team – Dan and Courtney!