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Social Work Month 2024: Meet Linda!

National Social Work Appreciation month is wrapping up and we’re closing it out with one final spotlight.

Meet Linda! Linda Libow, LMSW, Ed.M., is a Social Work Supervisor for the Kosher Meals at Home (KMH) program which provides nutritional support and a warm connection for seniors who may have difficulty shopping and cooking for themselves. Linda supervises a Social Work Intern and two College Interns in the department.

Get to know Linda below:

Tell us about yourself.

Linda: My grandparents who I adored, helped my mother raise 4 children. I never had a babysitter. As the eldest of four children, early childhood education was a natural fit. I have an Ed.M. from Teacher’s College. I made a career change after an injury that prevented me from lifting children and supplies. My work and research as a Docent at the Jewish Museum and the opportunity to volunteer with women in need empowered me to go back to graduate school in the field of social service.

At Fordham University, my internships, my love of my grandparents, and my husband’s work in geriatrics inspired me to choose the field of gerontology. I love learning, advocating, and mentoring. Fun fact: I was a cheerleader in High School and one of my favorite trips was a journey down the Amazon River!

Which team do you work in?

Linda: At DOROT, I have evolved to become the Social Work Supervisor for the Kosher Meals at Home program. After two years of working, I obtained my Seminar Training in Field Instruction (SIFI) License which allows me to teach/train social work interns so that they can intern at DOROT under my supervision and combined two loves: working with older people and mentoring college and graduate students!

How does social work inform your program?

Linda: My training, work experience, and contacts in the field have allowed me to create additional nutritional support and break down social isolation. I work with my colleagues at DOROT and my contacts and partnerships in the field to enhance the lives of older people. My annual home visits to our clients increase my opportunities to help clients and add resources so that they can remain at home and independent in the community. Once we meet, clients call me for any needs that arise during the year. KMH is a lifeline and open door for help and connection.

Our program also provides the opportunity for our college and MSW interns to have a senior match and follow the life of one or two seniors throughout their internship. Our MSW Intern makes home visits to our clients after a period of training to do reassessments. Our college interns make weekly phone calls to a specific number of clients for their meal orders and as they get to know their clients, the call provides the opportunity to check about their well-being and social status. As the intern’s supervisor, I am able to respond to the client’s needs for case assistance and emotional support.

How does your background in social work assist you in your current role?

Linda: I bring sensitivity, years of experience in the field of gerontology, caring, and compassion to the needs of my clients and my students. I am a doer and connector! My clients feel that they can share things about their challenges and changes in their health, social connections, and well-being. I mentor my students and hope that their experience with our program will help them with their decisions about their professional development.

Thank you, Linda, and to the entire Kosher Meals at Home Team – Abby, Theresa, and Anna!