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Social Work Month 2024: Meet Sharon!

We’re excited to continue celebrating National Social Work Month by getting to know more of the dedicated social workers at DOROT.

Meet Sharon! Sharon Stahl, LMSW, proudly works as the Manager of Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement. In this role, Sharon grows our robust volunteer base through onboarding and engaging new volunteers, supporting volunteer recognition efforts, and overseeing our College Internship Programs!

Get to know Sharon below:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sharon: The youngest of four sisters, I was born and raised in New York. Knowing that math and science weren't in my wheelhouse, I majored in Family Studies at the University of Maryland. To avoid the question that I now ask during every college internship interview I have - "What are your plans after graduation?" - I immediately enrolled at Columbia University to earn my MSW. I have worked in many different social work settings over the years and have been focused on the DOROT Volunteer experience since 2019.

Can you share a bit about your role and program area?

Sharon: I proudly work as a member of the Volunteer Services (VS) Team. In this role, I onboard and engage new volunteers, support volunteer recognition efforts, oversee the College Internship Programs, and look to partner with different groups and individuals to grow our robust volunteer base.

How do you think your background in social work informs what you do?

Sharon: I wouldn't say that VS screams social work, but my training has certainly come in handy. When engaging with volunteers, I know that they always have the best of intentions and will always work to think of creative solutions to get them involved in the important work that DOROT does. These interactions which I help foster often yield amazing connections between DOROT community members and our volunteers.

How does your background in social work inform how you approach your work?

Sharon: I try to impart the knowledge that volunteering is just as important for the "giver" as it is for the "receiver". I see the importance of the connections between DOROT's older adult community members and the volunteers they engage with. The reciprocity of this relationship is so meaningful to me.

What do you find most fulfilling about your work?

Sharon: I love working with and learning from the college students each year. It is truly amazing to me to see how far each of them has come over just a few weeks. Just as importantly, I love hearing about their connections with the older adults they meet and how these experiences will shape their continued education and career goals.

Thank you to Sharon and to the entire Volunteer Services team!