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Schools & Youth Organizations

Partner with DOROT to bridge the generational gap and engage your elementary, middle and high school students in meaningful volunteer opportunities.

DOROT staff collaborate with teachers to craft and coordinate programs that best fit their needs. Students learn and grow through intergenerational discussions and friendship. We work each year with over 100 schools and youth organizations to engage elementary, middle and high school students in person and virtually via Zoom. They benefit from meaningful volunteer opportunities, intergenerational workshops and service-learning programs. 

We offer a wide variety of one-time volunteer events and ongoing intergenerational programs, including:

One-Time Intergenerational Workshops:

DOROT’s Sunday Package Delivery and Visiting Programs: We welcome a limited number of youth organizations to each of our special Holiday Package Deliveries. Groups bring 20-30 middle school and/or high school participants for these Sunday events. Groups attend an orientation and receive packages to deliver as part of a visit (in pairs and trios) with older adults. It’s wonderful for all involved!

One-Time Visiting Programs: Groups of 20-30 middle school or high school students can visit DOROT elders during the school day or in an after school program. Groups receive a DOROT orientation and training session on how to visit older adults in their homes. Groups of approximately four students then travel to the homes of DOROT seniors for an hour-long visit. Middle school students need to be accompanied by an adult or by older students.

Tapestry Tour with Ted Comet: An Interactive Virtual Experience Take your middle or high school students on an extraordinary interactive virtual experience of Holocaust remembrance and artistic expression. Experience a virtual tour to the New York City apartment of Ted Comet, a 96-year old Jewish community leader, to view five unique tapestries woven by his late wife, Shoshana Comet, Holocaust survivor, psychotherapist and artist. Learn More.

Story-Swap: A program that helps an intergenerational group quickly form bonds to get to know each other through exchanging and retelling one another’s stories.

DOROT Cardmaking Programs: Youth groups are encouraged to host their own cardmaking event and use their artistic skills to benefit older adults in our community. DOROT sends beautiful birthday cards, designed and created by volunteers, to each of the nearly 4,000 older adults served by DOROT each year. We also share cards on Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving and other holidays.

Ongoing Service-Learning Programs:

Intergenerational Discussion Group: Middle school or high school students and older adults meet regularly to engage in meaningful discussion centered on different themes. This intergenerational community forms a space to learn topics, connect through shared experiences and celebrate our differences. Students learn to explore topics through an intergenerational lens, share their personal stories, exchange ideas and opinions, deeply listen, and develop social-emotional skills connecting with older adults

DOROT’s Book Buds Program: This intergenerational book discussion program is designed for fourth through eighth grade students, and it takes place in schools. The program fosters intergenerational relationships and learning through book discussions. Book Buds is typically offered as a three to six session experience, but it can also be operated as a one-time program. DOROT collaborates with teachers to plan and facilitate this program.

DOROT Clubs: DOROT youth volunteers form DOROT Clubs at their schools. Groups of students are matched with a senior who they visit bi-monthly for a semester or academic year. DOROT Clubs are overseen by DOROT staff but are student led. The student leaders recruit, train and support the other students, run meetings for students to reflect and discuss their experiences.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Engagement: We partner with schools, synagogues and youth organizations to implement intergenerational Jewish service-learning programs for students in sixth through eighth grades. DOROT staff can help you craft and coordinate a program that best fits your needs so that you can provide an extraordinary experience for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah students. Options are also available for family volunteering, individual projects and small groups.

Ages: Elementary, middle and high school students

Requirements: Varies by project

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DOROT was awarded the 2017 Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence, learn more in the video below: