Frequently Asked Questions

What is DOROT?

Named with the Hebrew word for “generations,” DOROT is a dynamic partnership of professionals and volunteers dedicated to enhancing the lives of older adults and fostering friendship and respect between the generations. Since 1976, DOROT has provided food, companionship, education, and cultural enrichment to thousands of elderly New Yorkers and those who care for them. Located on New York’s Upper West Side, DOROT is a non–sectarian, culturally Jewish agency open to all seniors, caregivers, and volunteers. For more about DOROT, our history, and our mission, see About DOROT.

What makes DOROT unique?

DOROT is a collaborative institution, bringing together volunteers, seniors, and professionals with the goal of enhancing the lives of older adults. This three–pronged approach enables DOROT to maximize staff resources and extend its reach far beyond what staff alone could do. Moreover, DOROT meets the practical, intellectual, and spiritual needs of seniors, caregivers, and volunteers. DOROT’s work ameliorating the social isolation of seniors and caregivers is a replicable model for communities and organizations.

Whom does DOROT serve?

DOROT’s core programs serve elders residing on Manhattan’s East and West Sides and in Westchester county. Virtual programs and the University Without Walls teleconference program offers classes and support groups to people throughout the greater metropolitan area, upstate New York, Florida, and even Israel. Family caregivers from the tri–state area also benefit from teleconference support groups. And DOROT’s Information and Referral service responds to thousands of inquiries each year from people from across the United States.

What programs and services does DOROT provide for frail older adults?

DOROT offers a range of services that enable frail and homebound elders to age at home with dignity and independence. These include volunteer visiting programs, kosher meal deliveries, courses and support groups over the telephone, and holiday celebrations. Our programs incorporate an integral intergenerational component that brings together professional staff, volunteers of all ages, and seniors. For more information, see Programs for Seniors.

Does DOROT offer programs and services to mobile seniors?

DOROT provides on–site activities for seniors who can safely travel to our upper west side headquarters and Westchester office, including exercise and weight training classes, cultural events, and concerts. Seniors also take part in the Kol DOROT choral group, Senior Café, health-based support groups, intergenerational arts programs, and annual events such as DOROT’s “Senior Prom.” For more information, see Programs for Seniors.

Are DOROT’s services available to all seniors?

DOROT makes its services available to seniors regardless of gender, race, or religion. Most DOROT’s services are provided free of charge to older adults and those who care for them. If we cannot meet an elder’s particular needs, we will provide a referral to the most appropriate services available.

Who are DOROT’s partners in the community?

DOROT works closely with many community partners, including area synagogues and houses of worship, and a host of community–based organizations, government agencies, and others, to reach out to elderly New Yorkers in need.

Does DOROT offer volunteer opportunities?

Volunteers of all ages are the driving force behind DOROT’s programs. Through their personal contact with seniors, our volunteers help deliver vital services to frail seniors and forge loving bonds between the generations. In the process, they reap a rich harvest of friendship, wisdom, and mutual appreciation. Volunteer opportunities include Holiday and Seasonal Package Deliveries, Friendly Visiting, reading assistance for the visually impaired, Door to Door, teaching seniors over the phone through University Without Walls, and more. To learn more, see Volunteer Opportunities.

What is the best way to contact DOROT?

If you are a senior in need of services, a family member of a senior, or a primary caregiver, you can contact DOROT at (212) 769–2850 or visit Contact Us to inquire about our meal delivery program, our Information and Referral services, or any of our other services. Volunteers can also call (212) 769–2850 or read more about our Volunteer Opportunities and register online.

How is DOROT funded?

DOROT is a not–for–profit, 501c (3) organization that receives funding from foundations, corporations, government agencies, charitable bequests, and through individual donations. Please see sources of support for more details. Approximately 82 cents of every dollar donated to DOROT goes directly toward program services.